Dharmakaya Aikido - The Seijaku Tatsu Ronin Ryu

Welcome to the Kojima Dojo and thanks for dropping by. Here we practice, what I call, an urban application of the KiHara System of Aikido developed by Hanshi Karl Geis and the Fugakukai. We focus on the practical applications of Aikido Wazas in true life situations based on my past experiences as gang member, combat solider, and buddhist priest to guide us into a spiritual place where we are all one.

Ngakpa Sensei

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Poinciana, Florida, United States
Althought I "attempt" to teach I remain a student and my students become my teachers. I am from East Stuart, Fl (across the tracks) and there the seed was planted. I recieved training in the art of Kenjote Taijutusu from the Honorable Martial Monk Kinjo Takemura Kaijo until his death in 1987, he taught me many things and I loved him. I served in the US Army as an infantryman in the middle east and had the unfortunate opportunity to utilize those skills to return home in one piece, so to speak. For years after that I continued to teach but sought something else and eventually found "it".....AIKIDO. I placed my ragged black belt into the closet and donned the white one, with Kevin Anderson as my guide, I began. Funny now how it seems "it" was here all along.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008